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Welcome to the Membership Registration Page.

 In order to POST on you must be a paid user. These fees are used to maintain our website, discussion forums, and fund the annual coaches meeting.

Below are the guidelines:

  1. General users who are not coaches, will be required to pay a one-time fee of $5.00 to register for the site.  Users can pay via PayPal, check, or major credit card.  This will allow the Board of Directors to validate a user’s true name.  The username must be changed according to our username rules below.
  2. Coaches will have to abide by the same name format.  However, coaches that want to post in the tryout section will still be required to pay the normal annual $25 fee (from July – June).  Note that any coach who has paid a $25 fee DOES NOT have to pay the one-time membership fee.
  3. Membership is free for all collegiate coaches and their staff!
  4. The username format will be [Firstname][Lastname].  For example – JohnSmith, NancyJohnson, etc.  Usernames can contain alphanumeric characters including underscores.  If a username is already taken, then we will append a number to the end.  For example – JohnSmith1, NancyJohnson4, etc.
  5. Once you have paid the registration fee, you will be approved to post within 24 hours.


How to become a member


You should have already created your username in the discussion forums.  Make sure you enter your username EXACTLY as registered.